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I'd like to thank the Team Lubin for the fantastic work on the closing on my property. They pushed forward even when it seemed impossible. With their hard work , patience, and positive can-do attitude, we finally closed! Thank-You!


- Luis Rodriguez

Dear Lance and M.J., Just a little note to thank you both for the fantastic job you did negotiating the sale of our house. Your skills at networking to get the job done- from the electrician, plumer, handymen and a host of realtors and brokers were outstanding! In addition I am so grateful to have you as my friends

With Love,

- Naimi

Dear Lance and M.J., With the Lubin Real Estate Team, the building and purchase of our first home was a joyous experience culminating in the home we longed for, for thousands less than we expected to pay. The Team anticipated and answered all of our questions, educated us in the process of buying our home, and connected us with each crucial member of the loan, contractor, insurance, and legal teams.

We love you both madly and are so grateful for both of you!

- Ellen Klien

Dear Lance and M.J., What we liked best about you was that we went to see houses with you, you use to not let me go inside until the dogs were put away and also you knew what houses we liked. You brought great qualities to us. We loved working with you! Yes, i would tell my friends and family how well you worked with us, and how delightful it was working with you. We would tell them they should pick to buy a house with " The Lubin Team Reality"! We loved working with you!


- Ingred and Amauris Franco

I am writing to recommend Lubin Team Realty to anyone and everyone. When it comes to deciding about buying a home, it becomes a very emotionally charged and difficult issue. Lance and M.J. not only addressed the very physical aspect of our home buying experience, e.g. scheduling inspections, helping to find dependable and honest appraisers, but were understanding about the very scary issues of the actual move, leaving behind friends and family and starting all over.

Lubin Team Realty has been a part of my life for several years now, both as realtors and as friends. They inject a sense of humor, warmth, and integrity in all dealings, and make the process as simple and easy as possible for all involved. The simple fact of the matter is that when we made our choice of realtors, it was a "no- brainer". Lance and M.J. have been our Realtors of choice both for selling and buying a home. When we're 70 and buying our retirement condo in Boca, we'll be calling them again.


- Nechamah Singer and Stacey Leone

To whom it may concern:

I recently had the privilege to work with the Lubins. It was quite a long relationship lasting over six months, rife with peril. Time was running out and they managed to find me the perfect house with two days left in the home buyers program I was enrolled in. We ran into many obstacles yet through it all they were always there to help and advise me. As a first home buyer I was bewildered yet they cleared up all my doubts and concerns. They, Lance and M.J., were great professionals and I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you M.J. and Lance! In the June issue of the Homebuyers Club newsletter they are featuring my story on the cover. You can bet I'll be sure to credit Lance and M.J. for my successful home purchase.


- John Adams

Dear Lance and M.J., We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us find our first home (and take a break from packing!) We really appreciated all that you did for us!

It truly was by accident that we stumbled upon Lance and M.J., and wound up working with you, and we are lucky that we did! You were very honest, patient, and extremely hardworking throughout the entire process. You both provided very personal service, and we felt very comfortable working with you.

Now that we are finally moving into our new home and it's "all over", we feel truly grateful to you both for all that you have done to get us here. We feel like we have known you forever, and are proud to call you our realtors and our friends (as cheesy as it sounds, we mean it!)

We definitely  would refer you to our friends and family, and hope to see you soon (as soon as we un-pack!) Thanks again!


- Adam and Lori Landeen

Dear Lance and M.J., I would like to express my gratitude for all your efforts concerns and thorough investigating you've done in helping me find our home. A home in which I hope to enjoy for many years. It is unusual to find people who are sincere but also to find people who are so dedicated to their work. Integrity counts when people have put such a big part of their lives into your hands. It was a load off knowing you guys really know all the angles and corners, guided me through loan officers, paper work and contracts, explained everything to me so I could understand it. You both really know your stuff. 

Once again I got an education and you both made it fairly painless because of your expertise. I am very grateful for all you've done.

Thanks and Sincerely,


- Amy Hume

Dear Lance and M.J., First of all I would want to thank you both on all the great things you have done towards purchasing our new home! It was a great experience having both of you and your team. I am very pleased with all the serivces you have provided. Its nice to know a team like yours who have all the resourses and great atmosphere in this field of work. I highly recommend you both to my family and friends! I'm looking forward to working with you again.

On behalf of my family, we thank you very much!


- Henry and Reyna Sharine

What I liked working with you was:

  • Easy to talk to
  • Zero pressure
  • Didn't make me feel as if I didn't know anything
  • Explained things multiple times!
  • Always followed up consistantly

Yes, I would recommend you. Thanks again!!

- Eric Schleich

Dear Lance and M.J., It's no suprise to us that you guys have your own agency now. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we purchased the house but as you have reminded us with your "sweet" bouquet, we just wanted to thank you again for all your help.

Quite possibly one of the most reassuring moments reguarding our decision to move to Florida was meeting the two of you. Never have we had anyone work so hard for us knowing that quite possibly you would not recieve any compensation for your diligence and hard work. You guys were determined to get and keep a good relationship with us (whether we liked it or not) even if you didn't find us a home.

As you completely flooded us with listings and information, we did find the perfect home. With the work-a-holic attitude you both have, the closing went off without a hitch and on the original date requested. (Quite unheard of) This was also possible due to your assistance in recommending, acquiring and scheduling of quality vendors for the loan, appraisal, home inspection, termite inspection, insurance and assistance in the loan process. Your recommendations were all excellent and with first class vendors.

Your professionalism and jovial attitudes also helped in keeping the stress level of purchasing a new home at an all-time low. Never has it been so easy.

We intend on purchasing more property in the future and will, without hesitation call on your services in the future.

As you may recall, my Son, Daniel Henson lives in Deltona, and will be listing his home and searching for another in March. He has requested that I call you and ask you to contact him for assistance. As in previous conversations you stated that you could help as you had contacts all over the entire Universe.

Thanks again for all you have done for us and hope to see ya soon.

Friends first and Satisfied Customers Second,

- Dennis and Jackie Henson

Dear Lance and M.J., It is difficult to express the many ways you have assisted us through the process of buying a new home. We realize that you were there from the initial exploration through the closing, taking a major role in every step along the way. When we think back on the entire experience, we realize that without your hand-holding, encouragement, and professional wisdom through dozens of meetings and countless telephone calls, it is quite possible that our new home would not be a reality for us. We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.

Kindest reguards,

- Jane and Robbie Adcock


Dear Lance and M.J., I want to express my deep thanks for sticking with me through my unusually long search for a house. It was not easy to work with me- I know. And thank you for the lovely tea set, tea, and chocolates. I am off to the West Coast for Johnathon's graduation and will be back just before I move in. 

Love and Blessings,

- Rabbi Shimon Moch

M.J. and Lance, We would like to thank you once again for selling our home, your "extra" "time" is well appreciated, you always made us feel so comfortable in your presence.

Thank you again, if we know of someone who wants to buy or sell a home your name will be top on our list.

- Linda and Bob Armstrong

To whom it may concern:

In January Lance Lubin listed our home. Last week we closed. I am pleased to say Mr. Lubin excecuted perfectly! He is responsive, timely, knowledgable and always made us feel comfortable with the process. 


- Dr. Ed Gilberg, DDS

Lance and MJ, the way you handled all the details, I've never had anyone so helpful in pulling everything together. It was a smoothest closing I've ever seen and you are the best Realtors I've ever worked with. You guys are awesome!


- Jill Creel


Lance and M.J., Thank you both for bringing us to Brittany and finding our second home. We were both very pleasently surprised to be handed fresh bread AND a gift card (for so much!) to Mazzaro's. Thank you so much!

- Ron and Sherri Kirby

Lance and M.J. got our attention at the beginning with their friendly and specific help. Then, while we were looking and deciding they provided help and guidance. But, what really counts is that we were able to purchase the home that suits us in our price range. There will be a "next time" and we will call Lance and M.J.

- Bill and Chris Edgar

Dear Lance and M.J., We have been so busy putting together the house! It was really great working with the two of you in our search for a house. You both were very helpful and suggested many things during our search. I know that we changed our minds many times as far as location, space, etc. but you both did an excellent job in going the extra mile to find just exactly what we wanted. We would difinetely recommend you to friends, family, etc. You Lance, have a great sense of humor and M.J., you are more quiet and complimentary to Lance. You guys make a great team!

Thanks a lot!

- Trish and Clark Jarvis

To the Lubin Team:

As newcomers to the world of purchasing real estate, my husband and I were particulary anxious about buying our first property. I am writing this note as a token of gratitude for this team's superior work.

From the outset, Lance and M.J. demonstrated their services in an organized fashion. Their dedication to their client is remarkable. From the moment we shared our need to the various days we visited properties, the Lubins were available to answer whatever questions we had. If we got stuck with a choice we didn't expect, they helped us to prioritize matters in order to facilitate our decision- making. They demonstrate the most admirable qualities in human beings: complete honesty, reliability, patience, consideration, availibility, and what's more they are great listeners. They are consummate professionals whose primary concern is the satisfaction of their client. In the end, we not only got the property we love, at the price we could afford, we also strengthened our already solid friendship.

We would highly recommend the Lubin team to any customer- experienced or neophyte.


- Sharon and Coleman Reaboi

This was our first home buying experience. Lance and M.J. were very full of excellent advice, letting us know what to expect and what not to expect in the market and where our illusions and disillusions would be. They were great educators  and made the experience positive, where it could have been depressing. Positive, patient, knowledgeable and humorous, they were very down to earth and extremely personable. We felt like old friends from the beginning, as they had true concern when other matters were happening in our lives that came at a bad time, during our house hunting month. I will always recommend this pair and can't see how they could have done a better job escorting us into being home-owners. Their advice was from experience and compassion and well beyond the parameters of being just Realtors- they're great people.

- Lori Toby and Curran Beard

Dear Lance and M.J., As Pam and I sit happy, cozy and warm in our dream-house and look back on a very busy year,we can't help but to remember that it was you folks that made it all possible (the dream-house, not the busy year)

We thank you for your professional and personable way of doing business. You impressed and reassured us as first-time buyers. More important, you folks were clearly the deciding factor in making our home possible as your approach impressed the sellers as well-- enough so to swing them toward acceptance of our offer over those of others.

For all this and more for that we thank you and wish you continued success and happiness through the coming years. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please ask! 


- Curt and Pam Willis

Dear Lance and M.J., We just recieved your Newsletter. What a great job! We look forward to all future issues. I liked the idea of a list of Really Cool People. We could have used it for all the "fixing up" we had to do once we moved in. The only Wow! person I might recommend would be our painter, Alan, but lately he has proven to be too busy to do the added work we need him for, so I won't give you his full name yet. And you, Lance, would top the list- for the great way you handled the purchase of our lovely house. It's too bad that at this point we don't have anyone to give your name to- we have no new friends, and our only family down here is Lori, Josh, and Jacob. Let's see if i make contacts at my job....

Congratulations on a job well done; it's obvious you put a great deal of thought and time into it.



- Sandy Greenburg

Lance and Mary Jean,

I was very happy to work with you, you did everything right in selling my condo. I appreciate the fact that you gave me the right figures about the value of my condo. I would reccomend you to other people wanting to buy or sell. In fact, I already have.

- G.J. Letendre

Dear Lance and M.J., It was such a pleasure to do business with you. You had great follow up. Thank you for making it so easy.


- John Armstrong

Dear Lance and M.J., You did it! We never would have believed it would have been possible for you to sell our house, find us another and arrange back-to-back closings and have it go so easily. You took care of us the whole way through. Thanks a million!

- Henry and Dee Frazier

Lance is a consummate professional. He took the guess work out of home buying. He just has a sense of balance. Lance is like a steady force.


- Ryan Smith

Dear Lance and M.J., You both made an excellent team. You helped us tremendously. Thanks to you we were able to find our house in 3 days. Thank you so much.

- Peter Smagacz


Dear Lance and M.J.,

Just a word of thanks for your help and consideration on the Covington Dr. closing. As we both are aware, one of the elements of success in this business is our ability to work cooperatively with other companies and agents.

Please know that I appreciate your professionalism and spirit of cooperation that led to this recent sale. It is this type of cooperation that brings buyers and sellers together and leads to a successful closing. 

If I may be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to call me. Looking forward to more business with you.


- Dorita Mayeux (Re/Max Realty)

It is not every day that a person seeks out a realtor, therefore your average person such as myself has limited knowledge in regards to purchasing or selling real estate. Lance and M.J. were friendly and down to earth, yet professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate, they used the latest technology and every morning I could check my email for properties that matched my wants and needs. They were on top of everything at all times and I never felt uncomfortable at any time. I felt like they knew my needs and my limitations, and they respected me. I was also on a very limited time frame and they worked with me to make it all happen in the short amount of time allotted to me. I appreciated the excellent communication that Lance and M.J. used during the entire process. I was kept well informed of all transactions good and bad. I felt that in anyone else's hands there could have been a lot of confusion and frustration, and I felt lucky to be in such competent and positive hands. Whenever I buy a great product or have a positive professional experience I like to spread the word, as I hope others do with me, and that is how I found Lance and M.J. As someone familiar with them said, "I could not find a more ethical realtor to deal with", so now I am happy to pass the word about the best Realty Team in the Area!! Thank you again M.J. and Lance!!!

- Mary Jo Howard

Dear Lance and M.J., Eric and I want to thank you both for your hard work in finding us our new home in Florida. We are very happy here in Feather Sound. Our golf course view is breathtaking and so pleasant to wake up to every morning. The move from Virginia was stressful and the decision to move after 35 years was a tough one. Nevertheless we are glad we did it and so happy to be Floridians.

Your expertise helped us to make a very important decision and we are ever so grateful. Without a doubt, when we decide to do it again we will give you a call. Good luck in your new venture.


- Eric and Sherry Weissman

 Thank you for going above and beyond. Your skill and efficiency are exceeded only by your kindness and I am at a loss for the words to express my gratitude. Again, thank you for everthing you did! I'll remember it always.



- Judy Greene

Hello Lance and M.J. I just wanted to say thank-you, thank-you for all your help in the process of getting my house. I really cound't have done it without you two. I had no idea where to start and with your help and recommendations it was much less painful than I thought it would be. You are two very special people and a very lovely couple. I will always consider you my friends and not just a business aquaintance since I knew you before the deal. I will have no problem recommending you to any one who is looking for a house. I can't wait to see my picture on "the wall" of fame.

Sincerely your friend,

- Ruth Thompson

Thank you for a job well done. You two went above and beyond the call of duty. With all the little snags you pulled all the right strings to make it come together. Thank you.

P.S. Thanks for the extras.

- Rob Avington

Thank you both so much for all your hard work. You are really awesome at what you do! Also, Thank you for Carrabbas. If I run into anyone looking for a house, I will definately let them know who to go to for help.


- Wayne Wiggs

Thank you both for everything you did to help us make this transition to happiness! We're so happy to have met you both. Look forward to many years of friendship.

Thank you :-)

- D. and Henry Frazier

We just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much we love our new home! We never in our wildest dreams expected to be living in our first home so soon! With all of the struggling to make ends meet and the strain our finances were under, it was a miracle we were ever approved! Thanks to you we were able to find and purchase a house we truly love within the time and financial limits we were under. Thanks again so much for all your hard work and advice!

Yours truly,

- Gay and Ritchie Ritchison

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you.

All my best,

- Jackie Quern

My family and I would like to let you know how greatly we appreciate all you've done for us. Its been almost a year we've been working together and you've been not only good agents,  but also a good friends. I don't think we would've come this far without you. We thank you so much for all you've done. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving and happy holidays.

Thank you!

- Cindy (Soulichinda) Manivong

In 2012 the Lubin Team placed my house on the market for sale. I was very impressed with how much time they invested in collecting all the information and explaining all the procedural steps. They have been very fast working on all papers needed. Phone calls have been answered promptly, and at all times during the day....sometimes i was thinking "do they have a life beside working???" Thanks so much for this great experience. I recommend them to every one and sure will ask them to help with my next house."

- Klaus Pack

To whom it may concern:

Just to inform you, the Laundromat listed by Don Koehler of Tourtelot Brothers Inc. located in Pinellas Park has been sold successfully by selling agent Lance Lubin. Lance did a spectacular presentation to the sellers being open, honest, and very sincere. With just a few counter changes in the contract, we were able to close in less than 10 working days.

I truly believe that this sale would not have closed if any other agent was involved. Lance is a true professional.  I look forward to doing more business in the future, and once again thanks for a job well done.

P.S. By the way, the sellers and buyers actually formed a friendship.


- Don Koehler (Tourtelot Brothers Realty)

Lance and M.J., We just wantd to thank you for all your attention to "details" and making sure everything went so smoothly. We especially appreciate your generous Home Depot gift! It's already been used for so many things. You should stop by and see the "slow" progress. We're beginning to enjoy our new home. We just to be settled soon! Hope to see you in the neighborhood!

- Nancy and David Fallin

To whom it may concern:

I'm pleased to tell you about Lance and M.J. Lubin, whom I have known since they acted as my son's buyer's agent in the Fall 1998. When the house next door to my son came up for sale by owner in December 1998, I was unsure how to proceed. My son proposed that I speak with the Lubin Team. They were very helpful and explained that they could act as a transaction specialist for the owners and myself. They would set up all the paperwork, schedule to inspections and generally guide us through the maze of legalites incumbent in real estate transfers. I approached the owners, and we mutually agreed to employ the Lubins as our transaction agent. The Lubin Team was thoroughly professional, answered questions and phone calls readily and made the transfer of the property a breeze! They gave unbiased advice to both sides that was fair and impartial. In short, I heartily recommend the Lubin Team to you- for their ability to deal with people, their record of achievement, and their calm approach to dealing with life's vagaries.


- Sharon Pelletier

Thanks for all your help in finding our new home, getting us through all the paper work and for the very thoughtful card and house warming gift. We deeply appreciate all that you did for us. So, you really didn't think we would ever buy a house, did you? Thanks for hanging in there with us, you're the only ones that did over the past 2 1/2 years. You're the BEST!! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell a house. Many, many thanks! 


- Warren and Cathy France

Dear Lance and M.J., Without hesitation, we would highly recommed your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced, caring, and very knowledgeable Realtor, who goes above and beyond for their clients. Thanks for all the time you spent with us, every step of the way. The follow-up after the sale was unprecedented. You both gave us your undivided attention and we couldn't be more satisfied.


- Gregory and Lois Ritchey

Thank you both again for everything! Considering my circumstances you made everything painless. Thanks again for my candy bouquet!

- Genelle Spriggs

Dear Lance and M.J., Working with you both in buying our first home was really wonderful. After having heard horror stories from friends and family, I must say we were suprised at how easy the whole process was for us. You always made us feel well informed and were attentive to our needs and concerns. We appreaciated the guidance and advice you gave us. It helped us very much in making good choices, and we are now very happy in our lovely new home.


- Stephanie and Kevin Butler

Lance and M.J., Thank you once again, for helping and guiding us with our house hunting adventure. This is the sixth house we have purchased in the last 13 years and I must admit the most enjoyable experience! Not only did we find a home we love, we also had a good time looking and that is all because of the two of you!!! :) Besides finding a new home we also gained two new friends in which we hope to see for many years to come (God willing!) We will refer you to everyone we know that is in the market for a new home. Thank you , thank you, thank you! The e-mails, jokes, and laughs are all also a WONDERFUL touch. Keep up the good work, Lubin team! We'll talk to you soon.


- Don and Vicki Cottrell

Dear Lance and M.J., May I take this opportunity to tell you how pleased Eileen and I were with the help you gave us during our closing at Winston Park. You provided advice for us before, during, and after the closing and we had the feeling that you were sincere in your efforts to provide guidance to us as well as the sellers. We would most certainly recommend your office to anyone needing help in buying, selling, or negotiating for real estate.

Thanks again,

- Lee and Eileen Hitchcock

Dear Lance and M.J., It's been some time now that I have moved into my new home and I can't thank you enough for all your help. If ever there was testimony to your commitment and morals, you have certainly shown it with me. Your hard work in searching for the perfect home that fit all my requirements, even with my meager budget, was simply amazing. On top of that, closing was a breeze. All the documents were on time and utilities were connected, allowing me to concentrate on my job and family rather than worry about all the hectic problems facing other new-home buyers. This coming week I will be applying  for homestead exemptions. Thanks for drilling me on that! I'm glad to have made two friends in the process. You have my top recommendation to anyone I know looking to purchase a home.


- Matthew S. Thebeau

Dear Lance and M.J., Now that the closing is complete, I am reflecting on the joy and peace of mind brought about by being a new home owner with immense gratitude. Among all the blessings this is bringing into my life, I want you to know that I feel profoundly honored and awed at my good fortune to have been sent to you because you would stand as such shinning examples of integrity, professionalism, and goodness. You stand out as a virtual vortex of good will and efficiency by surrounding yourselves with excellent professionals at every turn. I feel immensely blessed that as a result of sharing a part of your world for a moment in time, I have been connected to a number of impressive professionals who are proficient, efficient, and incredibly kind. Of course, you are at the center of all these qualities that I have  been priviledged to observe and benefit from. I think it is by the Grace of God that I was so lucky to be referred to you. That Grace seems to bless all who are connected with your own goodness. Thank you for your excellent service. Most of all, thank you for your example as good human beings. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have you as their realtors! They are missing out!!! I would be proud to refer anyone to you. (Only nice people, though!)

In appreciation,

- Valorie H.

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